windowplusdoor.comLouvre Conversions

Unhappy with your current windows but don’t want to go to the expense of totally replacing them ? Maybe you have an outdoor area that could also benefit from louvre conversions.

Some reasons for this may be as follows:

  • Poor ventilation from current windows e.g Awning or Double-hung
  • Outer frames are in good condition but internals aren’t working well
  • Outdoor areas which aren’t able to be used all year round due to weather conditions (adding louvres can give you this while still having air, space & light)
  • Windows don’t comply to current building codes e.g Kidsafe fall-out, Swimming pool areas
  • Current glazing is fixed glass only
  • Windows are restricted by new blinds or shutters
  • Internal sashes are damaged or suffering from dry rot/neglect
  • Visually louvre window will present a lot better
  • Hard to reach higher glass areas prone to temperature gains without control
  • Privacy & ventilation is needed without the extra complication of curtains or shutters. These areas include bathroom, kitchen, bedroom outdoor entertaining areas

Louvre windows work well in many of these instances. Windows easy to convert include fixed commercial frames & timber windows that are fixed, awning & double-hung or even sliding. These conversions do not damage the integrity of the flashings or previous sealing of current window frames.  Other areas that work well include brick openings in outdoor areas or even the old verenda with timber posts can be converted into all year round room, office or even extra bedroom. Internal rooms can also benifit from louvre conversion e.g stairwells & loft areas.

Options include:

  • Stronghold for bedrooms & swimming pool areas
  • Security Bars as needed in low to ground or hidden alley ways etc.
  • Keylocks are available
  • 102mm/152mm Blade options
  • Low-e Insulated glass
  • Privacy glass
  • Custom filmed glass
  • Powerlouvre with Apptivate

Louvre Windows Sydney offer a full supply & install these louvre conversions & can normally be done without too much impact on your lives as well as the neighbors. If however if feel up to the task of doing yourself come into the showroom to inspect our DIY louvre kits & we can supply only our louvres at competitive prices.