Brezway louver installationLouvre repair or replacement is a specialty of Louvre Windows Sydney. Breezway louvres have seen a lot of changes over the past 15 years so if  your glass louvres aren’t as they should be then maybe you could benefit by upgrading to the latest Breezway louvres.

Issues include:

  • Louvre glass too thin, current standards mean for safety your louvre glass should be 6mm in thickness & for safety should be toughened
  • Handles not working or hard to operate? Current Breezway louvres can operate up to 9 blades at a time. They also operate on a patented rack & pinion design so  are less likely to fail as well as being less of a security risk.
  • No weatherstrips to sill & head. A lot of louvres have been fitted without weatherstrips meaning poorly sealed & leaking louvres.  Please note Breezway recommends the fitting of weatherstrips & louvers are not warranted for wind or water leakage without.
  • Broken, or inoperable glass clips holders. Breezway’s current plastic clips are uv stabilised & operate off a cogged system. If your current clips are screwed with small self taper screw from behind then your louvre is a very old Breezway or a cheap copy of Breezway’s original louvre

Newer cheaper louvres inferior to the Breezway louver may also fail very quickly becoming potentially safety & security risk. Over the past 15 years there has become somewhat of an epidemic in Sydney with people looking to repair these louvres. The short answer we give is “these louvres are such poor quality & that louvre replacement to a quality Breezway louvre is the only option.”

Signs of these inferior louvres include:

  • Glass falling out of clip holders
  • Clips braking from gallery channel
  • Plastic cracking, dis-colouring due to poor quality & not being uv stabilised
  • Handles not operating blades as required
  • Louvre not closing or locking to an airtight position
  • Channels do not take 6mm thick glass blade
  • A lot of these louvers are only available in colour of Black, Silver or White
  • Galleries are joined together in height to achieve taller heights (Breezway can manufacture louvres to heights over 3000mm)

The price difference between  the cheaper Louvre components & Breezway louvres is not that much, especially if you factor in the features Breezway offer compared to inferior products

These feature include:

  • Patented rack & pinion operation
  • Multiple handle options
  • UV stabilized plastics
  • Option of handle placement
  • Up to 9 blades per handle
  • 28 Standard colours to choose from
  • Option to restrict part or all of louvre for compliance
  • Patented Stronghold blades for fallout & swimming pool compliance
  • Breezway’s unbeatable service, warranty  & company reputation as the market leaders
  • Stainless steel key options
  • powerlouvre options


If you have any questions feel free to phone or email us.  To see & feel the difference please take the time to visit the Breezway display showroom, open Tuesday to Saturday. If you are after louvre repair or modification & you have chosen Breezway, Louvre Windows Sydney are the authorised repairer/dealer for the greater Sydney Region.